New Trial Carbon Capture Unit Launched At ArcelorMittal Ghent Plant

New Trial Carbon Capture Unit Launched At ArcelorMittal Ghent Plant - Carbon Herald

Steel manufacturing company ArcelorMittal has initiated a trial for carbon capture on a furnace at their facility in the Belgian city of Ghent.

In collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, BHP, and Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd, the pilot unit is now operational on the blast furnace off-gas at the location. The trial period for the carbon capture unit will last for one to two years, with the aim of determining the feasibility of implementing the technology on a larger scale.

The launch of this new trial carbon capture unit represents a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the steel industry. Engineers have been on site since January to set up and activate the unit, which, if successful, could capture a significant portion of emissions from the ArcelorMittal Ghent site.

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The trial will be divided into two stages. In the initial phase, the focus will be on the extraction and capture of around 300kg of CO2 per day from the top gas emitted by the blast furnace, a task made complicated by the varying levels of impurities present in the gas. 

The second phase will involve assessing the extraction and containment of CO2 from the off-gases produced in the hot strip mill reheating furnace, which utilizes a combination of industrial gases such as coke gas, blast furnace gases, and natural gas.

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The progress made on the carbon capture solution at Gent could play a role in various CO2 transportation and storage projects being developed in the North Sea region, as well as contribute to global technological advancements needed to reduce carbon emissions from steel production. 

By capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the blast furnace off-gas, the plant also aims to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. The partnership between ArcelorMittal and its collaborators emphasizes the significance of teaming up to create groundbreaking solutions for tackling climate change on a larger level.

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