New TransparenC Platform To Rebuild Trust In Carbon Credits

New TransparenC Platform To Rebuild Trust In Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald

TransparenC is shaking up the world of carbon credits by harnessing the power of remote sensing data and artificial intelligence. 

Their mission is to rebuild trust and accelerate investment in nature-based solutions.

Public skepticism about carbon offset validity and accusations of greenwashing have crippled carbon markets. This lack of trust discourages investment and leaves high-quality projects struggling for recognition.  

TransparenC‘s innovative platform breathes new life into carbon credit projects. They transform complex data into engaging and understandable formats. 

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Think interactive maps, 3D models, and insightful assessments – all designed to restore trust and drive investments towards natural climate solutions.

TransparenC throws out the outdated 400-page project documents (PDDs) and replaces them with a dynamic, immersive, and transparent visualization tool. 

This user-friendly platform streamlines understanding and makes critical project information readily accessible.  

Who Benefits from TransparenC?

TransparenC empowers both project developers and corporate buyers to maximize their return on investment in nature-based carbon projects.

Project developers can leverage the TransparenC platform as a powerful sales tool. It eliminates guesswork from sales conversations by providing clear and engaging project visuals. 

TransparenC also helps corporate buyers visualize their carbon project portfolio, boosting engagement with both customers and employees. 

For instance, studies show that customer participation in airline carbon offsetting programs hovers around a meager 1-3%. 

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TransparenC believes a lack of transparency regarding project legitimacy and pricing is a major deterrent.  

The platform aims to increase customer take-up rates, providing a direct financial benefit to their corporate clients.

TransparenC is a young company founded by Henry Albrecht and Nicklas Wallendahl who met during their MBA studies at INSEAD.  

They’ve already secured  €1.7 million in pre-seed funding, demonstrating the strong investor appetite for their innovative approach to carbon offset transparency.

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