New TEM E-Cookstove Project Utilises Innovative Australian Technology To Improve Environmental And Health Issues In Laos

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM), Asia-Pacific’s largest carbon offset provider, has today announced the start of a new pilot carbon offsetting project that utilises cutting-edge e-cookstove technology to help improve health and environmental issues in Laos. 

The TEM-developed project uses new e-cookstove technology from Australian company, ATEC, that produces data-verified, Gold Standard carbon credits. These e-cookstoves allow for high integrity, real-time monitoring of customer usage data via an inbuilt SIM card. This ensures accuracy and the highest integrity in calculating carbon credits.

Source: ATEC

The induction cookstoves remove the need for Laotian families to cook with wood, reducing deforestation and carbon emissions, as well as improving people’s health. The cookstoves are 100% smoke free and reduce the risk of fires, burns and gas leaks. 

According to the World Health Organisation, household air pollution was responsible for an estimated 3.2 million deaths per year in 2020, including over 237,000 deaths of children under the age of five. Household air pollution from cooking over open fires or on crude wood-burning cookstoves is the top health-risk in Laos, according to a World Bank report.

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The pilot project will involve TEM distributing e-cookstoves in Savanakhet Province and surveying the impact in relation to offsetting timber and charcoal burning, indoor air quality, and nutrition and economic factors. Once the pilot project is successfully completed by the end of 2023, TEM plans to distribute up to 200,000 e-cookstoves across Laos, which is estimated to avoid over 6 million tonnes of Co2 over 10 years, along with achieving significant health benefits. 

The project also supports several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

TEM’s CEO, Jessica Dwyer, said: “We are excited to launch this pilot project that utilises ground-breaking new technology that has a positive impact on climate change and health outcomes in Laos. Integrity is core to who we are at TEM and this project provides for an opportunity to generate carbon credits with the utmost integrity.”

David Tow, TEM’s Managing Director, APAC, adds: “This project provides enormous opportunity to address climate change issues while taking the health outcomes that cookstoves can achieve to a whole new level.”

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