New Tech Turns CO2 into High-Value Products At Fraction Of Cost

New Tech Turns CO2 into High-Value Products At Fraction Of Cost - Carbon Herald

New carbon tech company HYCO1 has developed a catalyst to help companies decarbonize their processes and convert carbon dioxide waste into sustainable CO2 products.

The new technology is said to be much more cost-effective that current alternatives and can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes, providing a convenient, turnkey customer solution for industrial companies seeking to decarbonize their activities.

HYCO1’s technology allows the creation of a wide range of different high-value CO2 products, as it converts carbon emission into high purity gases that are very sought after in green chemical production.

And not only does the company’s catalyst do so at lower costs, it is, in fact, more effective than similar technology that is currently available. HYCO1’s solution has the capacity to convert up to 100% of CO2 emissions, whereas traditional technologies have a substantially lower conversion rate.

As a result, the catalyst developed by HYCO1 has the potential of transforming millions of tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide into carbon-neutral and even carbon-negative products every year.

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The company’s co-founder and CEO, Greg Carr, argues that HYCO1 will be able to “directly meet the decarbonisation objectives and corporate mandates” of a whole list of industries.

In addition, the carbon tech company’s products, Carr says, are at least of the same quality than their counterparts made from petrochemicals. 

Other startups focused on carbon tech like Twelve and Lanzatech are also looking into manufacturing products from the troublesome greenhouse gas. Twelve have said they can produce foam used in sneakers, as well as laundry detergents. Lanzatech hold the title of the first company that produce detergent from CO2 and their range of products is expanding constantly – from carbon fabrics with Lululemon to aviation fuel with Carbon Engineering and fragrance production with Coty.

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