New Study Will Explore Carbon Capture And Storage Hubs In Saskatchewan

New Study Will Explore Carbon Capture And Storage Hubs In Saskatchewan - Carbon Herald
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The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) and the Government of Saskatchewan are joining forces to explore the potential of creating carbon capture and storage (CCS) hubs in the province. Their focus is on developing CCS hubs that are centered around minerals and power production.

The province is known for its vast mineral resources and is one of Canada’s largest producers of potash, uranium, and coal. These industries have traditionally been major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, therefore finding sustainable solutions is essential. 

By implementing carbon capture and storage technology, the Saskatchewan has a chance to reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining economic growth in these critical industries.

The main goal of the new study will be to develop potential carbon capture and storage (CCS) hubs that are anchored by minerals and power production. These hubs have the potential to support the production of low-carbon hydrogen from natural gas. 

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The process of producing hydrogen from natural gas generates carbon dioxide as a byproduct, which can then be captured and sequestered in CCS hubs. By providing the option to store the captured carbon dioxide, these hubs can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping mitigate climate change.

The study team will also assess and explore the potential of geological carbon storage in the southern half of the Saskatchewan province. The project aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the geological formations in that region and their suitability for future carbon storage.

In order to maximize the benefits of carbon storage, the study will work on designing effective policies for hub development and investment. Additionally, the collaborating partners will investigate transportation options to better understand the feasibility of safely transporting captured carbon to the storage sites.

The partners involved in the study include Innovation Saskatchewan, SaskPower, IMII, Enbridge, BHP, The Mosaic Company, the Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC), and the International CCS Knowledge Centre.

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