New Study Unlocks The Carbon Capture And Storage Potential Of The North Sea Super Basin

New Study Unlocks The Carbon Capture And Storage Potential Of The North Sea Super Basin - Carbon Herald
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A new study has revealed the potential of the Anglo-Polish Super Basin in the Southern North Sea as a major carbon capture and storage (CCUS) base. The research confirms that this region has great potential to store industrial emissions in former gas fields and other geological formations.

This study opens up new possibilities for the North Sea Super Basin and its vast geological topography to contribute to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

The comprehensive study funded by the Net Zero Technology Center was led by Professor John Underhill, director of the Center for Energy Transition at The University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

The results of the two-year study indicate that the North Sea Super Basin has the potential to be an excellent site for the storage of sequestered CO2 emissions. The findings showcase the geological criteria that determined the location and point out the importance of accessing non-geological risks.

The critical non-geological factors that need to be considered include cooperation with other stakeholders in the same area, such as windfarms and fishing locations, so as not to interrupt operations on both ends. Another crucial risk aspect is monitoring for potential leaks in existing storage wells.

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Researchers involved in the study have stated that their work has identified the most effective areas for carbon storage as well as established a set of criteria for evaluating and prioritizing various other locations. This methodology can be utilized for CSS projects worldwide, and aside from the United Kingdom, the study team has already implemented it in Malaysia, Egypt, and Brazil.

If utilized in the manner suggested, the basin has the potential to significantly contribute to European countries’ efforts in carbon sequestration and achieving net zero targets while simultaneously safeguarding industrial activity and extending the lifespan of North Sea basin infrastructure.

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