New Study To Advance Carbon Capture In Indonesia’s Gas Power Sector

New Study To Advance Carbon Capture In Indonesia’s Gas Power Sector - Carbon Herald
Source: Photo by Irgi Nur Fadil

GE Vernova will be joined by Korea’s CARBONCO, BP Berau (bp), the Operator of Tangguh; PLN Nusantara), a subsidiary of Indonesia’s national utility PLN; and Jawa 1, owner of PLTGU Jawa 1 power station in a study to deepen understanding of the development of a carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) value chain with Indonesia as the hub for the region.

The partners are ultimately looking to develop the entire CCUS value chain, from implementation at gas plants to the transportation of CO2 to import and export terminals, as well as the sequestration of captured CO2 at the Tangguh field in Teluk Bintuni, Papua Barat, Indonesia.

The collaboration builds on a prior agreement between GE and CARBONCO made in October 2022 which sought to integrate carbon capture technology with natural gas combined cycle plants in Asia and Oceania.

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Both parties have since identified economically viable and feasible opportunities that can be advanced through this new MoU.

Combined with CARBONCO’s technological capabilities, GE Vernova will integrate combined cycle power plants with CARBONCO’s CCUS technology with the goal of ensuring dispatchability, lower carbon intensity, high flexibility and reliability, and lower capital cost.

Ramesh Singaram, Asia President & CEO of GE Vernova’s Gas Power business, commented: “We are especially focused on further developing crucial breakthrough energy technologies such as carbon capture, and are pleased that this collaboration will pave the way for a robust value chain that will help address carbon emissions reduction in the power sector and support climate change commitments in Indonesia.”

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