New Startup Earthbanc Solves The Biggest Problem With Carbon Markets

New Startup Earthbanc Solves The Biggest Problem With Carbon Markets - Carbon Herald

Monitoring and calculating precisely the emissions savings of carbon credits is the most critical part of the development of carbon markets. 

Earthbanc, a startup founded in 2019, is the world’s first carbon and investment platform that leverages machine learning and satellite remote sensing, to continuously audit and rate landscape carbon, carbon offsets and carbon credits that support carbon removal. 

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Its AI-powered remote sensing carbon measurement technology validates whether the carbon being claimed in an offset is credible and fully up to date. The startup is venture-backed by the European Space Agency to deliver transparent reporting solutions for carbon markets and by the European Union.

The company essentially enables data-driven carbon removal and sustainable finance at scale. The technology facilitating its process is a patent-pending AI for carbon monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV). It also works with a number of public blockchains to tokenize green finance and carbon credits to scale up impact with full auditability.

Earthbanc’s green finance products have shown that for every $100 invested in them 1 tonne of blue carbon is sequestered through nature-based solutions. 

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Some of the projects the company accurately and precisely measures are agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, reduced deforestation projects, and renewables.

According to Earthbanc, voluntary carbon markets will soon reach $100 billion in annual sales and large amounts of sustainable finance are flowing into the sector.  That is why its core mission lies in making sure performance metrics are precise and reflect real carbon reductions.

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