New Startup Atamiq Pushes Towards Industrial Decarbonization

New Startup Atamiq Pushes Towards Industrial Decarbonization - Carbon Herald

Industrial emissions reduction is facilitated by a new player in the B2B online commerce space. The B2B startup Atamiq is the first online platform that offers a preselected industrial environmental social and governance (ESG) solutions portfolio. 

The goal of Atamiq is to help the environmental transformation of industrial companies via digitalizing the procurement and purchasing processes of technological equipment. It also provides services in consultation and execution of energy efficiency projects. 

The industrial solutions offered in the platform are sectors like energy, recycling, water, wastewater field, biogas, solar systems, heat exchange systems, pumping equipment, specialized fittings, and more.

According to Atamiq, it acts as a solution provider in terms of investment plans through the Green Deal Roadmap.

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“Sustainability is a matter of partnership and it is no longer the future, it is now. ATAMIQ is ready to play an essential role in transforming the economy into a sustainable and decarbonized world, minimizing environmental pollution,” said Mariyan Minchev, one of the founders of Atamiq.

The startup also aims to address some of the challenges faced by the supply chain due to the COVID-19 and war impacts. It has found a need in the industry to be flexible and have a better online presence to increase the supply chain agility and efficiency. More optimized online procurement processes would also lead to skilled decision-making and reduce costs.

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Minimizing the emissions of industrial equipment and the entire supply chain processes is critical for the economy to reach its net zero goals. Digitizing trade processes in the industrial sector is a step forward towards preparing the industry for the transition that is on the way.

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