New Report On Responsible Corporate Leadership Engages In Carbon Removal

New Report On Responsible Corporate Leadership Engages In Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald

The Carbon Business Council – an association uniting companies willing to contribute to tackling climate change and the BMW Foundation – a program aiming to promote responsible leadership, have jointly published a new report titled “Accelerating the Carbon Removal Market Through Responsible Corporate Leadership.” 

As the world right now needs responsible leaders who can make the turn on rising corporate emissions, especially in the most hard-to-abate sectors like the oil and gas industry, they need help and understanding on how to incorporate practices that drive emission reduction. 

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The report highlights challenges and opportunities in how corporate leaders can engage in carbon removal specifically. Carbon removal is a quickly growing sector providing corporations with the opportunity to take responsibility for historic and ongoing emissions that cannot be eliminated. 

Credit: Carbon Business Council

The Carbon Business Council and BMW Foundation’s report brings clarity on the state of the carbon removal market and opportunities for business leaders to advance climate action. It targets corporate leaders who are looking to incorporate carbon removal into their climate action plans. 

It also provides an industry-related snapshot in 2023, and of where the industry is heading in years to come. It concludes with recommendations for accelerating business leadership in carbon removal.

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By coming together and joining efforts, business leaders can unleash a whole new world of opportunities for building a better, cleaner, healthier and more thriving economic environment. Facilitating the most promising carbon removal solutions and implementing emission reduction practices from responsible leadership is critical right now to ensure we are moving in the right direction towards decarbonization.

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