New Report For Rangeland Carbon Markets Is Now Available

New Report For Rangeland Carbon Markets Is Now Available - Carbon Herald
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A new report on rangeland carbon markets has now been released by the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute.

The report has to do with growing interest in the voluntary carbon markets and the many questions people tend to have surrounding how they work and whether or not it is worth participating in them. 

Despite the many controversies lately around quality concerns and effectiveness, what remains clear is that voluntary carbon markets are evolving rapidly with more growth expected to take place over the coming years. 

Moreover, their effects are already present on Texas lands, as they influence the way landowners practice agriculture and ranching. 

The Rangeland Carbon Markets report was designed with the aim of providing an overview of carbon markets particularly for those involved in agriculture (producers, landowners, decision makers, and others). 

Its focus is primarily on those carbon markets that are most relevant to the Texas rangeland systems and the full brief and report itself can be found here

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