New Report Analyzes The Supply-Demand Outlook In EU ETS Through 2030

New Report Analyzes The Supply-Demand Outlook In EU ETS Through 2030 - Carbon Herald
Credit: cCarbon

cCarbon – a company providing business intelligence, analytics and research that cover global environmental markets released its latest report looking into the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) demand and supply. The analysis titled EU ETS Demand-Supply Outlook 2030 explores the market dynamics of EU ETS allowances up until 2030. 

It outlines the policies and targets aimed at decarbonizing various sectors regulated under the EU ETS and analyzes their impact on the EU ETS demand and supply till 2030. There is also a valuable outline of the historical emissions on an annual and monthly basis. 

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Some further analysis explores the impact of geopolitical events, decarbonization policies and targets within covered sectors in EU Emission Trading Scheme like power, industry, and aviation. There are also projections for the 2023 emissions for these sectors. 

The supply and demand for allowances, as well as the surplus up to 2030 are calculated using the Carbon Outlook model, which forecasts emissions by sector, banking, and pricing. The model evaluates three scenarios: a baseline scenario, an accelerated decarbonization scenario, and a scenario with slower decarbonization efforts.

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According to an announcement by cCarbon, the report forecasts a continued decline in stationary emissions through 2024, with the power sector leading the way. It also highlights the European Commission’s new policy support for renewable energy build-out is not enough to compensate for the higher cost of capital over the past year which is likely to slow the emissions-going-down trend when compared to 2023. 

More about the analysis can be found here.

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