New Protocol By Isometric Will Optimize Biochar Production And Storage

New Protocol By Isometric Will Optimize Biochar Production And Storage - Carbon Herald

Carbon removal registry Isometric has announced a groundbreaking new protocol aimed at optimizing biochar production and storage for long-lasting carbon removal. 

The protocol, released for public feedback on July 3rd, was developed by Isometric’s science team in collaboration with expert reviewers from the Isometric Science Network, a group of over 200 carbon removal specialists. This innovative protocol includes the recent research conducted by Hamed Sanei and collaborators.

Biochar is a carbon-rich solid substance created through the heating of biomass in a low-oxygen environment, known as pyrolysis, and it can be effectively stored in various ways. 

This specific protocol by Isometric focuses on biochar made from pyrolyzed waste biomass and its use as a soil amendment in agricultural surface soils. Storing biochar on agricultural lands can offer several advantages for soil health, such as retaining nutrients, enhancing water retention and drainage, leading to improved plant growth.

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The purpose of the protocol is to reassure buyers of biochar credits about the security of their investment, and Isometric intends to achieve this goal through a three-step process. 

When biochar is added to agricultural soils, a portion of the carbon is released into the atmosphere at a predictable rate of decay. Factors such as the composition of the biochar and the conditions at the application site influence this rate, which Isomeric has taken into consideration when putting together the protocol. 

Additionally, the protocol takes a cautious approach to crediting, only allowing the durable part of the organic carbon in the biochar to be eligible for credit generation. This involves setting a lower threshold for the carbon-to-hydrogen ratio compared to other methods and considering any losses during application. 

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Lastly, the protocol provides guidelines for project-specific assessments of durability, criteria for sustainable biomass sourcing, and information on environmental protection measures.

The protocol will now go through a comprehensive public consultation, and any feedback received during this period will be taken into account before the procedure is finalized.

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