New Project To Analyze And Optimize CO2 Storage Quality

New Project To Analyze And Optimize CO2 Storage Quality - Carbon Herald

The University of Liverpool has recently announced that Dr. Emma Michie, a lecturer in geology, has been granted £30,000 (~ $37,000) in funding for a new project focused on analyzing and optimizing the quality of CO2 storage locations. The aim of the project is to enhance our understanding of fault behavior for the assessment of CO2 storage sites.

Dr. Michie will be leading the nine-month project with support from the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Community Network (UKCCSRC). The funding was secured through a flexible funding grant, which highlights the importance and potential impact of this research.

With increasing concerns about climate change and the urgent need for effective carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions, this project could have significant implications for determining the feasibility and safety of CO2 storage sites.

Dr. Emma Michie is a lecturer in geology with the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Ecological Sciences at the University of Liverpool. This project will rely on her expertise in the field of structural geology, which will be utilized to enhance our understanding and confidence in evaluating the viability of CO2 storage sites.

The project leader expressed her delight in receiving the funding and mentioned her recent successful field trip to Italy to examine outcrop analogues. She also shared her excitement about analyzing the samples collected during the trip.

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The analysis will involve the examination of surface samples obtained from the Central and Northern Apennines in Italy, as well as subsurface samples from the Norwegian North Sea.

This comprehensive approach will provide valuable insights on CO2 storage quality, and the outcomes of this project will be crucial for decision-making processes regarding the implementation of CSS technologies.

The mission of the UKCCSRC is to provide assistance, enhance, and unite the CCS community in the UK. This specific initiative is among the 13 projects receiving support from the organization, highlighting the country’s dedication and the pressing need for carbon capture and storage efforts.

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