New Platform Carbon Matchmaker Connects Carbon Management Teams Across The US

New Platform Carbon Matchmaker Connects Carbon Management Teams Across The US - Carbon Herald
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The Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management is facilitating the development of carbon capture and storage across the country. The government institution sees the need for connecting users across the fast growing carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) supply chains.

Carbon Matchmaker is a new online information platform that does just that – maps all geographically diverse carbon capture and carbon removal projects in the US to connect carbon management teams. 

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Its goal is to facilitate regional carbon capture team formations by allowing carbon management producers, end-users, and other stakeholders to self-identify and align potential needs in specific geographic areas within the United States.

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Carbon Matchmaker will aim to increase awareness and facilitate development of regional carbon management hubs, including hydrogen hubs. One of the features of the platform is providing carbon dioxide supply and demand maps for current and planned projects.

It also highlights past and currently funded DOE carbon management projects in a geospatial map. It shows the network of carbon dioxide sources, potential or actual carbon dioxide end-users, and connective transport infrastructure located in close proximity – all critical information related to carbon capture developments. 

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The tool also provides a Carbon Matchmaker Self-Identification Form for projects willing to be included on the map with their carbon management activity. The map is in its beta version so Carbon Matchmaker is open to receiving suggestions about specific improvements or best practices. Users should expect further functionalities that could be incorporated in it to improve user experience.

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