New Partnership Of Watershed And Frontier Scales Carbon Removal

New Partnership Of Watershed And Frontier Scales Carbon Removal - Carbon Herald
Credit: Watershed, Frontier

The carbon removal market is growing as new partnerships are indicating. The enterprise climate platform Watershed and the advanced market commitment for scaling carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from leading tech companies – Frontier, announced January 11th a first-of-its-kind partnership. 

The partnership will aim to broaden access to permanent carbon removal technologies by enabling CDR purchases at a wider range of commitment sizes for Watershed customers.

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The first Watershed customers to take part in Frontier as part of the expanded access are Boom Supersonic, Canva, SKIMS, and Zendesk. Some of Watershed clients are in diverse geographies, and across sectors like apparel and aerospace. 

All Watershed customers will have the opportunity to participate in Frontier through the partnership, supercharging cross-economy access to high-potential carbon removal technologies and companies. 

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The partnership is a major milestone for the whole carbon removal space that signals positive developments towards a fast-growth trajectory and will set a new standard for ambitious climate action for companies across the economy.

“Our unprecedented partnership with Frontier means that companies of all sizes will be able to meaningfully buy into the most promising permanent carbon removal pathways – paving the way for a thriving sector whose success is critical to hitting climate goals,” said Watershed CEO and co-founder Christian Anderson. 

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He also added the partnership represents that next phase in Watershed mission which is to help companies across sectors, geographies, and scales uplevel their climate ambition. 

“If humankind is truly going to halt climate change we are going to need a host of solutions to tackle the problem. We’re thrilled to be supporting Frontier’s mission to scale a portfolio of world-class carbon removal solutions as part of this, and we’re proud to be the first Australian participant to do so…,” said Cameron Adams, co-founder and chief product officer at Canva.

The worlds emits astounding amounts of greenhouse gases which affects our planet by changing its climate and environment in adverse ways. Removing the emissions humanity put out there is a must in order to take responsibility and improve our future living. Scaling solutions that can do that is critical more than ever to achieve balance and sustainable future.

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