New Partnership: Again Bio And HELM To Commercialize Sustainable Chemicals

New Partnership: Again Bio And HELM To Commercialize Sustainable Chemicals - Carbon Herald

Again Bio, a startup focused on climate technology, and international chemical corporation HELM have announced a partnership for the distribution and commercialization of Again’s initial product, acetic acid.

This partnership is a crucial milestone for Again, as it signifies progress in scaling up production and bringing their innovative bio-based climate technology to market. 

Again is leading the way as the world’s first carbon negative chemical manufacturer, revolutionizing the industry by meeting global demand in an environmentally sustainable way.

By harnessing the power of nature and cutting-edge science, Again is able to provide a viable solution to the challenges posed by traditional chemical manufacturing processes. 

The company utilizes a unique combination of ancient bacteria and modern technology, which has helped them develop a process that converts CO2 into chemicals with a negative carbon footprint. This innovative biomanufacturing process not only helps reduce the carbon released into the atmosphere, but also produces chemicals that are emission-free.

This collaboration with HELM, one of the largest independent chemical companies globally, solidifies the position of Again Bio as a trusted partner in the industry.

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The two partners have signed a 10-year agreement that will bring together HELM’s expertise and worldwide distribution capabilities, along with Again’s technical proficiency in fermenting waste CO2 emissions, to produce the first 50,000 tonnes of acetic acid.

In a statement, Max Kufner, Co-founder of Again, called the partnership a significant achievement. 

He shared “With Again’s technology and HELM’s long-standing position in the global chemical industry, we can work together to bring our CO2-made products to global markets. Most importantly, this agreement showcases a clear market demand in the market for what we do, which means we’ll be able to capture even more carbon to convert into useful products well into the future.”

The synergy between HELM and Again is a testament to the power of partnerships in driving meaningful change. By combining resources, expertise, and vision, the two companies are poised to make a lasting impact on the industry, setting a new precedent for sustainable chemical production.

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