New Map Shows Locations of Enhanced Rock Weathering Projects Worldwide

New Map Shows Locations of Enhanced Rock Weathering Projects Worldwide - Carbon Herald

The Enhanced Weathering Alliance (EWA) has released a detailed map showcasing current Enhanced Rock Weathering initiatives happening around the globe. 

This tool marks a crucial juncture in the advancement of the enhanced rock weathering sector, as it provides policymakers with vital insights into the successful initiatives underway and promotes partnerships with farmers and stakeholders to acknowledge the benefits.

Enhanced rock weathering is an innovative approach to combating climate change by accelerating the natural process of carbon capture and storage within rocks. The map provided by the EWA highlights the locations of such ongoing initiatives, giving a global overview of the efforts being made to mitigate the CO2 footprint. 

Established in March 2024, the Enhanced Weathering Alliance (EWA) is a collaboration of leading companies dedicated to advancing this decarbonization method. Its member companies include InPlanet, Eion, Silica, Carbonaught, Carbony, The Rock Flour Company, Carbonfuture, Lithos, and Flux.

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The EWA works to promote policies that support the expansion and acceleration of carbon removal efforts, with the goal of enhancing the impact of enhanced weathering on Europe’s ambitious climate targets.

The Alliance has highlighted the work and contributions by companies like InPlanet and Eion as valuable resources for this project, and InPlanet shared their excitement about this progress, stating that they are encouraged by the collective action of people and groups working to fight climate change. 

The report titled “MRV Evaluation by InPlanet” can be seen on the project homepage alongside the map, highlighting InPlanet’s commitment to advocating for sustainable solutions supported by in-depth scientific analysis. 

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This groundbreaking map not only provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of enhanced rock weathering projects but also serves as a source of inspiration for others to get involved. By working together with the global community, these actions have the potential to make a significant contribution to addressing the climate crisis. 

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