New Look Teams Up With Carbon Kapture To Support Seaweed Cultivation

New Look Teams Up With Carbon Kapture To Support Seaweed Cultivation - Carbon Herald

New Look, a popular clothing store chain, has announced a collaboration with Carbon Kapture, a company specializing in seaweed cultivation.

This partnership aims to combat climate change by supporting projects that grow seaweed and capture carbon dioxide (CO2).

One exciting aspect of this collaboration is Carbon Kapture‘s ‘Hope on a Rope’ program.

Through this initiative, New Look and its employees can directly sponsor seaweed cultivation projects by the meter.

The seaweed offers a double environmental benefit. Not only does it absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, but it’s also processed into biochar, a soil enhancer that promotes sustainable farming practices and is then donated to local farmers.

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Carbon Kapture highlights the advantages of seaweed cultivation over traditional tree planting for carbon capture.

Seaweed grows much faster and absorbs CO2 more efficiently, leading to noticeable improvements within a year.

Paul Rees, a high-ranking official at Carbon Kapture, emphasizes the effectiveness of seaweed. 

“Furthermore, the transformation of this seaweed into biochar offers a higher degree of permanence for carbon storage, enhancing environmental benefits over the long term,” he added. 

“This model fosters a deeper connection with local ecosystems and communities, creating tangible, positive change that aligns closely with corporate values and operational footprints.”

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Rees sees the New Look partnership as a model for other companies. The ‘Hope on a Rope’ program allows businesses to directly give back to the communities they impact globally, rather than supporting unrelated sustainability projects far away.

Sue Fairley, New Look’s sustainability leader, applauds the partnership. She believes it will be instrumental in achieving the company’s science-based goals, including reaching net-zero emissions across its entire business by 2040. 

“As well as supporting Carbon Kapture, we are using the seaweed to illustrate what we need to achieve across our wider business operations,” she said. 

“We love the multi-faceted impacts of Carbon Kapture’s initiative which align beautifully with our sustainability goals: removing and trapping tonnes of carbon, improving biodiversity and soil health as well as creating employment opportunities and supporting local communities.”

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