New Job Seekers’ Platform Carbon Removal Jobs Launches In September – CEO Adam Feldman

New Job Seekers’ Platform Carbon Removal Jobs Launches In September - CEO Adam Feldman - Carbon Herald
Credit: Carbon Removal Jobs

Carbon removal is a growing industry and so is its urgent need for human talent. One startup is recognizing this and trying to make it as easy as possible for people to find work in this space. 

Carbon Removal Jobs is serving the niche of the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) sector and aims to connect job seekers with suitable opportunities where they can apply their skill sets. 

“So we’ve now reached near-consensus that we’re going to need multi-billion tonnes worth of removals by 2050 and that will be a humongous effort requiring a mix of solutions at massive scale… However, it seems like less people have understood that multi-billion tonnes of removals also likely means an industry at least the size the petrochemical industry is today. To become an industry that size, that quick, we must unlock any constraints on bringing in the talent we need,” explains Adam Feldman, founder of Carbon Removal Jobs.

Credit: Carbon Removal Jobs

The Carbon Removal Jobs platform launched on the 1st of September and already has listed hundreds of job openings that its founder shares were all collected through a combination of manual sourcing and inbound requests from employers. 

“Already within two weeks, more than a third of our new jobs by companies are inbound submissions. As that balance continues to shift, I can start to spend more time improving Carbon Removal Jobs for both hiring managers and candidates,” explains Mr Feldman. 

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The project started in January 2022 after Adam became interested in the space. Its approach is inspired by the “generosity and inclusiveness” of communities like Airminers and Open Air Collective. He combined his passion for solving climate change with his experience in the recruitment sector to build the community-focused platform. 

The Carbon Removal Jobs platform works as it allows employers to submit openings at no cost. They can post a role through this link. The jobs are then reviewed to make sure they fit the company’s posting guidelines.

In an effort to catalyze the growth of the industry, Carbon Removal Jobs offers a filter for applicants to find openings that suit them. One interesting filter allows candidates to find roles that align with their qualifications. Around 50% of posted roles mention the desire for a (STEM) degree, so people with a background in science or engineering can use the feature to filter the right carbon removal job for them. 

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“One upcoming feature recruiters will enjoy is XML feed integration with prominent ATSs like Lever and Greenhouse so that it’s even easier for them to work with Carbon Removal Jobs,” adds Mr Feldman. 

As far as monetization is concerned, Adam shares that the platform has no plans to start charging for its services yet.

“I built this site to help catalyze the growth of the industry by tackling constraints on talent. If I get to a point where it’s clear that meeting the demands of fulfilling that goal requires charging for the adverts etc, then I’ll consider it. But right now it feels like there’s a lot I can do while offering parity for even the most frugal, early-stage carbon tech project,” he explains. 

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Additionally, Carbon Removal Jobs provides a newsletter for jobs, gigs and news in the carbon removal space. That’s also where the startup features “unofficial calls-for-help” or opportunities where people can apply their skillset without committing to a full-time role. 

Sometimes CDR startups encounter a fair amount of situations where specific skillsets are required but they don’t have the capacity to seek a full-time hire or often even a specialist contractor, as explained by the founder. Therefore, those features support early-stage enterprises to move forward with their ideas. 

Carbon Removal Jobs is one startup that recognizes the world would need to utilize huge efforts into removing emissions from the atmosphere to tackle the worst consequences of climate change that are already mounting. Matching talents with the right carbon removal job helps the industry scale quicker to the size necessary for it to make a real impact.

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