Isometric Unveils New Standard For Carbon Removal Credits

Isometric Brings Trust And Transparency In The Carbon Removal Market - Carbon Herald

Isometric, a rising company in the field of carbon removal, has announced the launch of the Isometric Standard 1.0.0. This new standard is set to revolutionize the world of CO2 removal by introducing the most stringent set of rules for carbon removal credits.

By raising the bar in terms of scientific rigor, transparency, incentive alignment, and collaboration, the new credit registry aims to address the various challenges faced by the traditional carbon offset market.

The rules of the Isometric Standard for carbon credits are designed to ensure that only projects that have a long-term positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions are eligible for carbon credits.

Only credits that can demonstrate the verifiable removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its storage for quantifiable long-duration timescales, typically 1000 years or more, will be approved. These credits are deemed to result in a genuine net reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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That is why the standard will require projects to demonstrate that they have a permanent impact on reducing emissions. This means that projects that only temporarily store carbon dioxide, such as many tree-planting programs, are not eligible for carbon credits.

This is due to the environmental risks associated with tree-planting programs, such as wildfires, which can release large amounts of stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

The standard will not accept “avoidance” credits, which claim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but do not actually remove them from the atmosphere. These avoidance credits have been a significant source of greenwashing in the previous offset market.

Unlike any other registry, Isometric will also allow the public to have access to the full calculations behind every carbon credit listed on its platform. This groundbreaking commitment to transparency ensures that individuals can thoroughly scrutinize the claims made by carbon credit projects.

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