New Initiative To Boost Indian Carbon Markets

New Initiative To Boost Indian Carbon Markets - Carbon Herald

A new partnership between the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) and the Carbon Markets Association of India (CMAI) aims to boost the participation of India in high-integrity international voluntary carbon markets (VCMs).

The two bodies said they would seek to support the development of an enabling environment for high-integrity VCMs that attract private investment “aligned with national and sub-national climate and socio-economic polRohitriorities”.

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The partners also intend to encourage high-integrity, fair carbon finance flows to India and leverage their respective networks to facilitate the scaling up of high-integrity carbon finance activities across priority sectors in India.

The VCMI is an international non-profit focused on enabling high-integrity voluntary carbon markets; the CMAI is an industry coalition aimed at developing India’s national emissions trading system and establishing a robust domestic carbon market.

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“This collaboration represents a transformative union across the entire carbon market landscape, seamlessly connecting grassroots farmers in remote areas to influential Indian policymakers and discerning buyers,” said Rohit Kumar, Secretary General, CMAI.

“With a core focus on embedding integrity within India’s burgeoning carbon market, this partnership signifies the creation of a resilient and trustworthy marketplace.”

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