New “How Carbon Removals Can Be Part Of Your Strategy” Webinar

New “How Carbon Removals Can Be Part Of Your Strategy” Webinar - Carbon Herald
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This month, Net Zero Markets is hosting its fourth webinar in a series dedicated to corporate offsetting – How Carbon Removals Can Be Part Of Your Strategy.

The free online event dedicated to carbon removals will take place on April 27, 2023, at 10am EST (UTC-4).

As carbon removal gains more momentum and its necessity as a means of mitigating global warming becomes more widely recognized, so does its need to be supported by the corporate world.

It is already quite clear to most that reducing emissions alone will not be enough to stop the climate crisis, and the world needs to look towards removing CO2 from ambient air, as well. 

This webinar will seek to discuss how well developed carbon removals technology is at the moment and how corporate offsetting can help finance their scaling. 

Speakers at the online event are Richard Barker, partner at VC fund Counteract and Louis Redshaw, founder & CEO Net Zero Markets.

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