New EBI Report Proves Biochar Can Store Carbon For Millennia

New EBI Report Proves Biochar Can Store Carbon For Millennia - Carbon Herald

A new report published by the European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) explores the science behind biochar as a durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) pathway.

Titled ‘Report on Permanence of Biochar’, the paper focuses on the recent findings of two scientific papers from scientific teams led by Hamed Sanei and Elias Azzi on the ability of biochar to store CO2 over very long periods of time. 

The report examines the latest data on the matter and invites representatives of all relevant areas, including scientists, policymakers, and various CDR stakeholders to have a conversation about the conclusions and arguments presented in it. 

An interesting point the report makes is around the misconception that biochar is not a permanent carbon removal solution.

Namely, EBI argues that this misconception had been based on studies of low-quality carbonized material, as opposed to industrially produced biochar of the highest quality. 

The difference between both materials is monumental, and what’s more, scientists have now demonstrated the capability to accurately measure the percentage of biochar that can be considered permanent. 

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Continuing on the notion of difference in biochar types, the report also highlights how the difference in temperatures used to treat biomass can result in chemically and structurally different end products, where temperatures that exceed 550°C make biochar completely resistant to microbial degradation, for example. 

The report was authored by Harald Bier and Hansjörg Lerchenmüller, and can be found here

Its implications for the nascent carbon removal sector are highly significant, as the findings underpin the importance of biochar in scaling CDR rapidly enough to effectively help mitigate the climate crisis. 

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