New CO2 Capture Pilot Project Launches In Springfield, Illinois 

New CO2 Capture Pilot Project Launches In Springfield, Illinois - Carbon Herald
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A large CO2 capture pilot project was launched at the City Water, Light, and Power (CWLP) plant in Springfield, Illinois. The CO2 capture project is led by the University of Illinois in partnership with Linde, BASF, Affiliated Engineers, Affiliated Construction Services, and Visage Energy. It is supported by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The pilot testing will evaluate a 10-megawatt-electric capture system, which is based on Linde-BASF post-combustion CO2 capture technology and is designed to capture 200 metric tons of carbon dioxide daily. The system will be installed in the Dallman 4 unit at CWLP, which went operational in 2009 and, according to CWLP, is among the cleanest coal-fired generating units in the country. 

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“The UIUC team has already completed Phase I and II of this project, and those successes paved the way for construction and operation of the facility,” said Krista Hill, federal project manager at NETL. “The Linde-BASF technology incorporates BASF’s proprietary solvent with Linde’s process and engineering innovations to allow for a significant increase in energy efficiency and reduced cost for CO2 recovery from power plants.”

Multinational chemical company BASF produces and owns the solvent technology. The BASF solvent allows for a reduction in regeneration energy and a lower solvent circulation rate, while Linde’s process design features an advanced stripper inter-stage heater design for optimal heat recovery.

Global gases and engineering company Linde has expertise in engineering, procurement, and construction of industrial gas process facilities, including CO2 sites, as well as plant operations.

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