New Chair Of Western Governors’ Association Mark Gordon Makes Carbon Capture His Initiative

New Chair of Western Governors’ Association Mark Gordon Makes Carbon Capture His Initiative - Carbon Herald

Governor of Wyoming Mark Gordon was elected the new chairman of the Western Governors’ Association (WGA) during the organization’s 2023 Annual Meeting. Governor Gordon said he has identified carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) as his Chair’s initiative. 

“Our world needs energy and a clean environment–neither is well served if we are not honest about consequences and challenges,” he said. Ignoring carbon capture utilization and sequestration technology as a viable option for gid decarbonization leads to an energy gap, Governor Gordon also said.  He further stated that shutting down coal-fired power sites prior to the full development of alternative resources will worsen power shortages, result in more brownouts and blackouts, increase fuel costs, and lead to higher-priced electricity. 

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The governor’s initiative will look into ways CCUS can position the Western states as leaders in the emerging CO2 markets and decrease carbon emissions. Some of the approaches include reducing or eliminating CO2 emissions from energy platforms, promoting the development of carbon for commercial needs, carbon sequestration, and enhanced oil recovery. 

Last week, Wyoming and Colorado signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly work on Direct Air Capture to boost economic development and job creation in the Western region while decreasing emissions. Wyoming and Colorado have also partnered with Utah and New Mexico to develop the Western Interstates Hydrogen Hub

A non-partisan organization, the Western Governors’ Association brings together all 22 U.S. governors from the states in the Western part of the country. 

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