New CEMEX Partner Helps Turn Cement Into Green Fuels

New CEMEX Partner Helps Turn Cement Into Green Fuels - Carbon Herald
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Cement industry giant CEMEX announced an agreement with ETFuels, a green fuels producer that can combine CO2 and green hydrogen to produce green methanol, also known as e-methanol.

CEMEX will pilot the green fuels project at its Alicante, Spain plant. If successful the approach could be deployed across Europe and scale at a rapid pace, supporting decarbonization across the continent while providing a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

The agreement states that ETFuels has a target of combining up to 450,000 tonnes of captured carbon dioxide with green hydrogen. The green fuels that will be produced are slated for use in the shipping industry, essentially transferring its decarbonization effect down supply chains.

“Our decarbonisation roadmap includes reducing emissions to the lowest possible level through proven levers such as clinker substitution and alternative fuels. New levers, such as rapidly developing CCUS initiatives, must effectively tackle the remaining CO2 emissions to hit our ambitious 2050 objectives,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of CEMEX.

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“This pioneering fuel production project combined with Carbon Capture and Utilisation presents a scalable way to decarbonise supply chains and aligns fully with our vision to deliver energy transition at hyperscale with commercially viable solutions,” said Lara Naqushbandi, CEO of ETFuels.

The process of using CO2 as could have profound benefits for early adopters, if of course it’s achieved at a lower price than alternatives.

CEMEX is also involved in another innovative projects. Together with Synhelion, the cement company has been working on making what is essentially carbon neutral cement.

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