New Portal To Facilitate Carbon Removal Sales And Delivery Reporting

New Portal To Facilitate Carbon Removal Sales And Delivery Reporting - Carbon Herald
Credit: – the initiative aiming to bring visibility and accountability to the carbon removal market, announced a new product that is bringing to the market. The Portal is a novel dashboard that helps parties organize their global listings and carbon dioxide removal delivery flow.

According to the announcement, will work with CDR participants to ensure accurate, trusted reporting for their purchases, deliveries, and verifications. The platform is open to buyers, suppliers, project developers, marketplaces, registries, government, academia, media, analytics and insights providers operating in the carbon removal space. It allows them to:

– submit CDR orders;

– manage, edit, and delete order data;

– submit and manage listings on the Map;

– and manage their profile page that is coming soon.

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The free platform will also provide further developments for users like the option to filter and drill down on the data, and additional products like Private Orders, Pricing Analytics and Managed Registries.

Parties willing to use the Portal can contact here to fill in its form. The organization will follow up with logins and confirm the map listing. is also open to receiving feedback and ideas on how it can better support participants and the durable CDR ecosystem at

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