New Carbon Tracing Tool Raises The Standard In Decarbonizing Products Production

New Carbon Tracing Tool Raises The Standard In Decarbonizing Products Production - Carbon Herald

Measuring emissions throughout the supply chain and production is key in minimizing the environmental impact of products. Nature’s Source – a sustainable materials packaging provider and a global innovator in food service manufacturing and logistics, launched a customized Carbon Footprint Management Service – a new interactive function of the supply chain management platform, TradeInsight.

According to Nature’s Source, the carbon tracing management service provides Uber-style monitoring in real-time from raw material sourcing to production distribution, helping foodservice industry clients achieve carbon reduction targets, forecast emission trends, earn carbon footprint offset certification and add reforestation projects to their environmental goals. The service is offered exclusively and free of charge to the customers of Nature’s Source. 

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Some features of the carbon tracing system are: 

  • Part of a full-cycle green supply chain that reduces more than 50% of emissions;
  • Provides real-time carbon emissions data per item/order and comprehensive reports;
  • QR code scans on packaging give access to data for low-carbon publicity;
  • It is certified by SGS and strictly aligned with ISO14067, PAS2050, and the GHG Protocol.
Credit: Nature’s Source

“Nature’s Source is setting a new standard in the packaging industry by integrating state-of-the-art sustainability with our revolutionary carbon footprint tool… Our innovative approach not only transforms how products are packaged but also how their environmental impact is measured and managed,” commented Fisher Yu, President of Supreme Source and Supply and Nature’s Source. 

Nature’s Source is a sustainable manufacturer of a diverse portfolio of compostable and recyclable materials and products. It offers TradeInsight, a carbon tracing platform assessing the carbon footprint of a product from material sourcing to distribution. The new customized Carbon Footprint Management Service allows clients to manage the entire green supply chain and thus significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their products. 

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“At Nature’s Source, we’re not just offering products; we’re providing a pathway to a greener future. Standing at the forefront of sustainable innovation, our unparalleled tools for carbon footprint tracking and reduction empower businesses to decarbonize their operations through transparency and accountability while making a lasting positive impact on the environment.” commented for Carbon Herald Camilo Ferro, VP of Sustainability and Innovation for Nature’s Source.

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