New Carbon Removal Portfolio Project Launched By Zopeful Climate

New Carbon Removal Portfolio Project Launched By Zopeful Climate - Carbon Herald

In an effort to tackle climate change, at the end of March 2023 UK-based Zopeful Climate rolled out a new project – the Carbon Removal Portfolio.

Aiming to contribute to the accessibility of CDR actions, this new project enables both individuals and businesses to access a curated list of impactful CO2 removal projects and support them through various investing options.


Zopeful Climate teamed up with leading and emerging CDR design providers and their combined work generated a portfolio of trustworthy projects, carefully selected based on permanence, additionality and verifiability.

In their release statement, it is said that the portfolio aims to support durable storage of 500 years or more, where the carbon will be locked away for good and won’t contribute to the heating of the planet.

The Zopeful Carbon Removal Portfolio will offer consumers the chance to pick and support a project suitable to their financial capabilities. Support plans vary from one-time payments to monthly subscriptions, where alongside the price you can see the amount of carbon your payment will remove.

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The projects vary by carbon-removal technology and you can choose from categories such as Direct Air Capture, Enhanced Rock Weathering, Bio-oil, Biochar, Ocean/Blue Carbon and Nature-based Removals

“It’s something we wished existed but couldn’t find. So we made it,” states the author on the Zopeful website. They go on to add “Our goal is to widen access at an accessible price per tonne to different types of permanent carbon removal solutions, as this is crucial to scale alongside global decarbonization efforts.”

The portfolio is available to anyone who wants to join their current members from the U.S., UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Zopeful’s carbon reduction efforts don’t stop there, as the company also works on creating and distributing information resources to raise awareness among companies and consumers on how to take action. Their ultimate goal is to make climate science understandable and available to everyone who wants to contribute in the fight against climate change.

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