New Carbon Markets Trading And Advisory Desk Valitera Launches April 15th

New Carbon Markets Trading And Advisory Desk Valitera Launches April 15th - Carbon Herald
Credit: Valitera

As carbon markets are a fast growing sector, part of companies’ net zero journey, a new company has been launched to unravel their full potential. Valitera just announced its launch as a new player in carbon markets trading and advisory.

The company offers services towards achieving businesses’ decarbonization goals in three distinct ways:

  • strategic counsel;
  • sourcing and trading of carbon credits and other environmental attributes including renewable energy certificates (RECs), and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF);
  • design and managing high-quality portfolios.

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“Our goal is to leverage our expertise across all parts of environmental markets to support our clients’ understanding of, and access to, markets, unlocking a sustainable future for all. Nimble and bold, we take risks when we see market opportunities and provide dynamic climate solutions,” said Matt Udberg, Partner at Valitera.

Valitera’s launch comes at a critical time when companies face heightened regulatory scrutiny to decarbonize their operations. This need is coupled by a fast accelerating climate change and the imperative to speed up the green transition. Valitera provides a lifeline for businesses daunted by the challenges of navigating the complex terrain of carbon markets growing in importance and projected to reach a valuation of $1.1 trillion by 2050.

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“Much like a plane must adjust to changing winds and currents, so too do companies need to adapt to shifting regulatory frameworks, market dynamics, and evolving standards to maneuver and benefit from the dynamic landscape of voluntary carbon markets. Valitera was built to be a trusted pilot in this path to net zero. We are the go-to ‘experts’ expert, helping clients from a range of industries leverage carbon markets to benefit people and the planet,” added Rene Velasquez, Managing Partner at Valitera.

The company is located in key global capitals – New York, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore, with the purpose to deliver a round-the-clock service and foster liquidity and trust in the market. Valitera’s senior management are industry pioneers that have played a pivotal role in shaping environmental markets, including the development and management, leading registries and exchanges that have set the stage for current industry standards.

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