New Carbon Credits Initiative By Dimitra Empowers Small-Scale Farmers

New Carbon Credits Initiative By Dimitra Empowers Small-Scale Farmers - Carbon Herald

Dimitra, a global agritech company, has introduced Dimitra Carbon, a new venture focused on making the carbon offset market more accessible by providing DMTR carbon credits to small-scale farmers. 

This new initiative aims to empower small-scale farmers in countries across South America, Africa, and Asia by providing them with the opportunity to earn revenue through sustainable farming practices that reduce carbon emissions.

Small-scale farmers around the globe have been unable to take part in the carbon market as a result of the substantial expenses and time commitment needed to produce valid, unique, and verifiable carbon credits.

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With this new project, Dimitra intends to assist farmers while also setting a higher benchmark for transparency and dependability within the carbon offset sector.

The trailblazing agritech company is committed to ensuring that all smallholder farmers, regardless of their financial situation, have access to user-friendly, effective technology. On the other hand, by participating in the carbon credit market, these farmers can enhance their own quality of life while also playing a role in the battle against climate change.

Being based on blockchain, the new carbon credit system enables every DMTR carbon credit to be easily tracked to its source, guaranteeing that each credit meets rigorous monitoring and reporting requirements. This significantly reduces the possibility of credits being duplicated and offers unparalleled confidence to purchasers.

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Jon Trask, CEO of Dimitra, commented, “By integrating blockchain technology, sustainability, and agriculture, we can make a meaningful impact on climate change and drive positive transformation to communities worldwide. Our dedication to this initiative underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and supporting local farmers and crypto communities.”

The company is preparing to kick off its inaugural project in Africa, where they are currently collaborating with local farmers to incorporate sustainable farming practices. 

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