New Carbon Credit Program Introduced By Isle Of Man Environmental Group

New Carbon Credit Program Introduced By Isle of Man Environmental Group - Carbon Herald
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A charity focused on protecting the environment has introduced the first carbon credit project on the Isle of Man. 

The project, located at the island’s Crossags Fields, is planned to absorb more than 3,000 tons of carbon over the next five decades while also establishing and maintaining native woodlands, supporting biodiversity, and creating a public nature reserve.

The Manx Wildlife Trust is the leading nature conservation organization on the Isle of Man. Their work is dedicated to safeguarding and improving the island’s environment, expanding habitat for wildlife, and encouraging individuals to take action for nature. The Crossags Fields are part of the trust’s larger Hairpin Woodland Park initiative.

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Leigh Morris, CEO, mentioned in a statement that the project took more than two years to develop. He acknowledged that there had been discussions about carbon offsetting on a global scale, but the charity is now able to provide credits sourced from actual trees in real locations, where individuals can even participate in planting and visiting these trees to witness their growth and progress.

The carbon credits issued by the project are being verified by the Soil Association using the UK Woodland Carbon Code.

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The program has already seen success, with three local companies purchasing “high integrity” carbon credits generated through tree planting. These credits have not only helped finance the acquisition of land for the project but also support its ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Hansard Global plc, PDMS Ltd., and Resilience Management (IOM) Ltd. have all decided to invest in carbon credits. The funds generated from these investments will go towards repaying a low-interest “green loan” from Lloyds Bank International, which was used by the organization to acquire the land.

The launch of this carbon credit project marks a significant milestone in the conservation efforts of the Isle of Man. By actively participating in carbon sequestration and biodiversity protection, Manx Wildlife Trust is setting a positive example for other organizations and communities to follow. 

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