New Carbon Capture Soap Revolutionizes The Care Products Space

New Carbon Capture Soap Revolutionizes The Care Products Space - Carbon Herald

Utilizing carbon dioxide in new products is nothing new for the carbon capture industry. As CO2 is abundant and is the biggest contributor to climate change, it also provides the opportunity to be converted into other products. 

CleanO2 is a new carbon capture company that is taking advantage of this opportunity. It uses captured emissions from commercial buildings and converts them into cleaning and other personal care products. From soaps to detergent, the company is turning waste into necessities that are used every day. 

“CleanO2 is a Canadian-based company focused on reducing and eventually eliminating carbon emissions from the commercial heating industry… We do that by deploying technology that we’ve developed in Canada, the United States, and Japan. And then we convert carbon emissions into products that people can use in their day-to-day lives. So right now we’re primarily focused on personal care products.” said CEO Jaeson Cardiff.

CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technology

The technology of CleanO2 involves collecting potassium carbonate – a key product in soap and detergent, while alongside natural fire appliances. While the reaction occurs, it also generates some of its own heat, which can then be put back to heat the building or typically to heat water.

The process doesn’t burn as much gas and is able to reduce CO2 emissions. It is directly cutting carbon by creating the potassium carbonate. The company works with local mechanical contractors to collect the CO2. The whole process is kept local to contribute further to the environment.

The whole production process is part of the circular economy. Instead of using “virgin” ingredients and materials, manufacturers could use CO2 recycled products to help take care of excess emissions into the atmosphere.

According to the CEO, if a customer is a large hotel chain in the US, emissions could be captured from the hotel and plugged into a cleaning product, manufactured locally, and then used back in the hotel for cleaning or to provide its customers with personal care products. 

CleanO2 is an innovative company, trying to alter the course of climate change by eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere and using it to create the products it sells to the public. The carbon capture utilization and storage industry can play a significant role in carbon dioxide removal efforts while creating a revenue stream for companies interested to revolutionize the cleantech sector.

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