New Campaign Launched By Carbon Collective – Green Retirement Month

New Campaign Gets Launched By Carbon Collective - Green Retirement Month - Carbon Herald

Carbon Collective – the climate change-focused financial advisor, just launched a new initiative called Green Retirement Month. The goal of the campaign is to move as much retirement money as possible away from fossil fuels and into climate change solutions during the month of September. 

People can now roll over their 401K and IRAs into a Carbon Collective account and win bonuses at the end. The process involves submitting an intake form where clients can enter their necessary information to open up a Carbon Collective account for the transfer.

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The company has partnered with rollover specialist Capitalize which will help track down clients’ old 401(K)s and handle everything related to transferring the money into their new Carbon Collective account. When the transfer is complete, people will get paid a welcome bonus.

The minimum bonus is $10 per each $10,000. Each time the total passes another $1 million, the bonus goes up by $1.00. The limit of the campaign is $15 million, so if it reaches that amount everyone gets the full bonus of $25 for each $10k. People would get their bonuses only if they initiate their transfer by September 30th, 2022. 

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Green Retirement Month is another initiative by the financial advisor that aims to pressure existing companies to divert from fossil fuels. One of the greatest impacts each individual can make on climate is via its money. Redirecting your bank account or retirement plan away from mainstream institutions and into climate-smart organizations is critical in tackling the climate crisis. 

It also sends a strong message to all corporations that they need to transition to the green economy and invest in sustainable solutions in order to stay relevant. The climate-smart financial advisor makes sure only real climate solutions are selected to receive the benefits of its clients’ investments. 

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