New 124 Hydrogen Buses Will Take То The Streets In The UK

New 124 Hydrogen Buses Will Take The Streets In The UK - Carbon Herald

Major update in the UK is accelerating the adoption of hydrogen vehicles. The UK government has released a scheme providing the West Midlands with 124 hydrogen-fueled buses. That means the country would have its largest fleet of hydrogen public transport vehicles so far. 

The launch of the 124 buses follows the approval of a £30 million grant from the Department of Transport. Already in circulation are 20 hydrogen buses, but the funding will provide the region with the largest fleet in the Western World. 

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The grant comes from a £200 million Zero Emission Buses Regional Area (ZEBRA) scheme, launched in 2021 to allow local transport authorities to bid for funding to purchase zero emission buses. 

Twelve areas across the country were announced to receive grants to deliver electric or hydrogen-powered buses to their region, along with charging or fuelling infrastructure. The grant will also cover the refueling of the vehicles. 

Transport for West Midlands – the public body responsible for transport services, now plans to work with the hydrogen industry to get the fleet up and running. The government investment also tops the private bus fleets investments into greening public transport. 

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The announcement of the largest so far UK government investment in hydrogen buses presents an incredible opportunity for the West Midlands and for the whole country to lead the way in the new hydrogen economy. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles produce zero emissions which directly results in decreasing urban pollution and improving carbon footprint.

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