Neutral Pairs Up With Puro.Earth And Toucan To List CHAR On Its Platform

Neutral Pairs Up With Puro.Earth And Toucan To List CHAR On Its Platform - Carbon Herald

One of the newest player in the environmental asset space, trading platform Neutral, announced earlier this week it will be partnering with carbon credit platform The pairing will introduce Puro’s CO2 Removal Certificates to Neutral’s platform and will become available through CHAR, the biochar trading instrument developed by Toucan.

Neutral’s CEO, Farouq Ghandour commented on the new partnership by saying “Mature carbon markets will require transparent pricing and trade, advanced trading instruments with embedded due diligence, and regulated market infrastructure that institutional clients will be comfortable with. Listing CHAR on Neutral will provide all of those integral characteristics to help take CDR markets to maturity. We’re proud to partner with trailblazing companies like Puro and Toucan to push these markets forward.” CEO Antti Vihavainen added that: “In order to accelerate worldwide scaling, the carbon removal sector requires increased trust and liquidity. Neutral and Toucan are expanding the accessibility of Puro Standard certified biochar projects by introducing a new purchasing avenue for corporations aiming to integrate CORCs into their net zero portfolios via the high-quality CHAR carbon credit portfolio.”

CHAR was launched in March 2024 as the very first trading asset that enables the buying, selling and retiring of biochar CORCs around the clock. This flexibility allows market participants to choose individual projects and allows buyers to have instant access to whitelisted project credits.

On the supply side project developers can instantly sell the credits they issue through CHAR and are set to receive royalties for secondary trade, a first for an instrument of this kind.

The inventory that CHAR boasts comes from project developers like Oregon Biochar Solutions, Exomad Green, BC Biocarbon, and American BioCarbon with more already added in the pipeline.

The listing of CHAR and growing number of project developers is expected to improve liquidity and set up the conditions for corporate clients to trade CHAR and the CORC’s associated with it.

Founded in 2022 Neutral raised a $3.2 million investment round in October 2023 from a host of backers – Redalpine, Digital Currency Group, Cerulean Ventures, Factor Capital, Very Early Ventures, and Rarestone Capital.

The platform offers three types of assets: renewable energy credits (RECs), carbon credits and carbon forward contracts and is part of the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) approach through its offer of aggregated tokenization, pooling, redemption, and retirement services all in one place.

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