Neutral Launches Marketplace For REDD+ Credits

Neutral Launches Marketplace For REDD+ Credits - Carbon Herald
Source: Neutral

Neutral is tackling the challenges of the REDD+ market with a brand new solution: REDD. This platform aims to create a trustworthy and transparent marketplace for buying and selling REDD+ credits, which fund forest conservation efforts. 

The current REDD+ market is riddled with issues. Buyers struggle to verify the legitimacy of projects and their real-world impact.  

Opaque pricing and manual transactions make it inefficient. Additionally, the risk of project reversals, like wildfires, casts a shadow over the validity of carbon offsets. 

REDD is a trading instrument designed to address these problems. It offers clear and dynamic pricing based on supply and demand.  

Users can buy and sell credits instantly on a user-friendly platform. Project details are completely transparent, allowing buyers to choose exactly which initiatives they support.

High-Quality Verification

To ensure the integrity of the marketplace, REDD partners with leading organizations.  EcoRegistry and Cercarbono certify projects using advanced standards.  

Renoster provides independent quality assurance with scientific rigor. Neutral is even collaborating with insurers to offer optional protection against project risks. 

Unlike traditional markets, REDD prioritizes project quality. Credits are priced based on a project’s effectiveness in reducing emissions.  

This incentivizes high-impact forest conservation efforts.

Farouq Ghandour, Co-founder and CEO at Neutral, stated: “Despite the controversy around REDD+ we’ve always believed the fundamentals that REDD+ was founded on, that our forests are significant carbon sinks and their preservation has a host of important co-benefits, are sound and that the market needed to be reimagined to reflect those fundamentals.”

“A new market vision requires a wide range of expertise and wouldn’t be possible without our partners. We’re excited to bring REDD to market and hope it will act as a catalyst for significant investment in forest preservation,” Ghandour said.

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Neutral has carefully selected three initial projects for the REDD platform:

* ER114, Proyecto REDD+ Pazcífico Sur (Colombia)

* ER130, Rio Jacareacanga REDD+ (Brazil)

* ER139, Juina REDD+ (Brazil)

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With a robust foundation and a clear vision for the future, REDD aims to revolutionize forest preservation by channeling significant resources towards protecting vital ecosystems and biodiversity.

Juan Duran, Co-Founder and CEO at EcoRegistry, also commented on the new launch: “The most important piece of the puzzle is to have access to the necessary information to make a good assessment and for the buyers to take an informed decision.”

“This is why EcoRegistry focuses on giving this extra mile of information to the public and managing the accounting system transparently.”

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