NETL Recommends Regional Approach For Carbon Capture And Storage

NETL Recommends Regional Approach For Carbon Capture And Storage - Carbon Herald
Source: Klaus Stebani from Pixabay

A recent analysis published by NETL suggests that the Central United States requires a tailored, regional approach for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects due to geographic differences. 

The study assessed the different variables that have to do with transporting and storing captured CO2 emissions, one of which is geographic characteristics, which were found to heavily influence costs. 

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NETL’s Tim Grant on the analysis: “While carbon capture and storage (CCS) is considered a capable carbon management strategy, the geographical and geological impact of a region on source-to-sink integration is often overlooked when evaluating the technology.”

“The Central United States has an abundance of CO2-generating sources that would likely require tailored approaches to provide low-cost CO2 management. This analysis explored options a CO2 source faces when selecting a low-cost transport and storage combination for its captured CO2,” Grant said. 

The study provides an overview of each regional area’s means to develop a CCS network of carbon pipelines that would connect emitters and potential geological storage sites. 

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This overview demonstrates the major role that location, the type of CO2 emitters, as well as the capture rate of the source and distances between source and storage site all play in forming overall costs. 

Other key takeaways from the report include the fact that a trunkline network of pipelines would help lower the costs for CO2 emitters, particularly those of smaller scale, which would enable them to store their emissions at distant, better quality storage locations. 

Furthermore, the report published by NETL concludes that the development of carbon capture networks must be done at a regional scale, in order to take into consideration the geography of each separate region.

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