Net Zero Solutions And Pennsaco Will Partner On Carbon Capture Technology

Net Zero Solutions And Pennsaco Will Partner On Carbon Capture Technology - Carbon Herald

Pennsaco Technologies – a US green hydrogen and carbon capture company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on September 7th with Net Zero Carbon Solutions – a business consultancy firm in the energy sector, for the deployment of Pennsaco’s carbon capture technology in Latin America. 

The deal will allow Net Zero Carbon Solutions to provide Pennsaco’s carbon negative technology solutions to its clients. According to the agreement, the two companies will also jointly develop and maintain commercial-scale waste to green hydrogen, renewable electricity, and biochar facilities in Latin America and globally. 

“We are excited to partner with Net Zero Carbon Solutions.  They have a world-class professional team with decades of experience in the oil and gas industry.  Their intimate knowledge of the industry’s carbon and waste challenges combines perfectly with Pennsaco Technologies’ advanced thermal conversion engineering expertise,” as per Pennsaco Technologies CEO Robert Kelly.

The partnership will also aim to provide world-class waste-to-renewable energy plants and net zero solutions to the oil and gas industry. The companies plan to start with Latin America and expand globally their reach while they hope to make a significant environmental impact in the regions where they apply the carbon-negative solutions

Pennsaco Technologies operates in the green hydrogen business and also treats biomass waste, plastic waste, and municipal solid waste. Net Zero Carbon Solutions has decades of experience serving the global oil and gas industry, with carbon-negative technology solutions. The company wants to achieve industrial decarbonization goals while also increasing production. 

The partnership between the two companies could act as a catalyst for action on climate change in Latin America and abroad. The world is in urgent need of energy conversion, so more deals serving the industry with carbon capture technology would accelerate the world’s net zero goals. Green hydrogen is also one of the most promising zero-carbon energy sources with huge potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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