UK Net Zero Review: Delaying Climate Action Will Hurt The Economy

Net Zero Review: Delaying Climate Action Will Hurt The Economy - Carbon Herald
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An independent review of the UK’s net zero strategy titled ‘Mission Zero’ reveals that delaying climate action may actually be harmful to the country’s economy. 

The review was conducted by Conservative MP Chris Skidmore, who says the government needs to have more consistent and ambitious climate policies. 

According to Skidmore, the UK was in a “net-zero race” and a delay in climate action could very well lead to losing jobs, infrastructure and investment opportunities to other nations.

But the report does not just criticize the government’s actions or lack thereof, instead, it also offers 25 actions that need to be taken within the next two years to achieve tangible results.

Some of the key actions suggested in the review include phasing out gas boilers by 2033, instead of 2035, starting to label environmentally friendly foods, and putting an end to routine oil and gas flaring by 2025, as opposed to 2030. 

A strong emphasis was also made on renewables, particularly on ramping up solar generation, with a target of increasing it fivefold by 2035. 

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Skidmore was appointed to make the review by the UK’s former prime minister Liz Truss, to ensure the government’s net zero plan would indeed promote growth and be ‘pro-business’. 

And while the report did cause a major stir, most of the feedback from various green campaign groups and even from Labour’s shadow climate secretary, Ed Miliband, was positive.

However, in his comment on the review, Green MP Caroline Lucas pointed out that it failed to call for ‘truly transformative measures’ that would end the country’s dependency on fossil fuels. 

“The review recognises we have fallen behind, but it sets out how we can be world-leading in these areas once again. We need to remove the barriers that are in place at the moment,” Skidmore said. 

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