Net Zero Nickel May Soon Be A Reality With CCS Technology

Net Zero Nickel May Soon Be A Reality With CCS Technology - Carbon Herald
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Canada Nickel has announced improvements to its carbon capture process, which opens the doors to the production of net zero nickel. 

Canada Nickel Company Inc. (OTCQX: CNIKF) has been testing its new accelerated carbon capture method in labs, the results of which have just been made public and are quite promising. 

Namely, the tests show significant improvements on the company’s initial In Process Tailings (“IPT”) Carbonation Process, such as three times faster carbon capture, most of which is achieved in just 24 hours. 

The findings may prove transformational for the nickel industry, as Mark Selby, Chair and CEO of Canada Nickel, believes the novel process can help “turn a nickel mine into a net generator of carbon credits rather than a generator of carbon emissions.”

To make the IPT Carbon Process operational, the company is striving to utilize existing plant equipment and processes, resulting in carbon capture that is 8 to 12 times faster than most passive approaches used today. 

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The effectiveness of this process can ultimately help decarbonize the nickel industry and bring about the production of net zero nickel, which, in turn, can allow the generation of carbon credits. 

Specifically, Canada Nickel approximates 21 metric tons of carbon credits per metric ton of nickel. 

Thus, the company’s Crawford Project that is hosted in ultramafic rock – a natural means of sequestering carbon dioxide – could potentially generate about 710,000 tons worth of carbon credits per year or a total of 18 million tons over its lifespan. 

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