Financial Services And The Journey To Net Zero: The Opportunities And The Obstacles

Net zero depends on organizations reducing as much emissions as possible, but not all industries and companies can eliminate their emissions fully – most will need carbon credits to fulfil the ‘net’ in net zero. While that sounds simple, it is rife with complications, blurry details, and a difficult-to-navigate landscape that’s continuously evolving. In financial services specifically, where much of firms’ emissions are Scope 3, the path to net zero can be even more ambiguous. 

On Monday 29th April at 3:00-4:00pm BST/ 10:00-11:00am EDT, Sylvera, S&P Global and Allianz Commercial will discuss the crucial opportunities and obstacles that financial institutions encounter on their journey toward achieving net zero emissions. Join us for a discussion on: 

● Should financial institutions be responsible for the emissions of their portfolio companies? 

● What claims should financial institutions make under SBTI?

● What solutions are available to solve for the ‘net’ in ‘net zero’? 

Hosted by Steven Bullock, Global Head of Research & Methodology at S&P Global Sustainable1, Dr. Funké Adeosun, Global Transition Solutions Director at Allianz Commercial and Annalise Downey, Senior Manager, Technical Climate Consulting at Sylvera, this webinar gives asset managers, insurers, private equity, and other financial institutions an opportunity to hear from our expert panel and ask questions in real time. Register now.

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