NeoCarbon Is Now Listed On The CEEZER Platform

NeoCarbon Is Now Listed On The CEEZER Platform - Carbon Herald

Berlin-based direct air capture company NeoCarbon has now been listed on the CEEZER platform.

CEEZER is a platform for the “screening, purchasing and management” of negative emissions, as the company puts it, as it provides businesses with access to the voluntary carbon market. 

The platform is known to list high-quality carbon projects and now with the addition of NeoCarbon’s first project, it also offers the  possibility to buy future supply of carbon removal credits.

NeoCarbon removes CO2 from the atmosphere via technological means known as direct air capture (DAC), and the German startup’s very first plant is set to become operational in 2025 and remove 500 tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

The company boasts a unique approach to carbon removal in that it collects CO2 from cooling towers and brings down the cost and time of the process up to ten times, making it ready to be scaled.

Since its launch and the development of its technology, NeoCarbon has been progressing in leaps and bounds from a €1.25M ($1.25 million) pre-seed funding round in September last year to the successful demonstration of its CO2 removal process and building a pilot prototype.

NeoCarbon being listed on CEEZER marks yet another important milestone on the company’s journey to reaching gigaton scale, and it brings us closer to a net-zero future.

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