Nellie’s Mobile Direct Air Capture Unit Goes on Tour!

Nellie’s Mobile Direct Air Capture Unit Goes on Tour! - Carbon Herald
Source: Nellie Technologies

Welsh direct air capture (DAC) startup Nellie Technologies has completed its mobile demo unit and will be going on tour to demonstrate its capabilities.

The company’s approach is based on a combination of three methodologies – DAC, Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and Biochar. Nellie’s technology captures CO2 either from ambient air or from industrial sources by harnessing and industrializing the photosynthesis process of microalgae grown in photobioreactors.

The mobile direct air capture (MDAC) unit is a small-scale version of the larger pilot plant the company is currently building out in Mwyndy, Wales. But the technology itself is location independent and is designed to be modular and scalable in a variety of geographies.

The MDAC has already been on the road and one of the first stops it made was at the inaugural Carbon Unbound Europe event, which gathered companies and stakeholders from the emerging carbon removal industry.

Image: Carbon Herald

CEO Stephen Milburn presented the unit during one of the startup segments, generating a buzz in the room which was more accustomed to presentations and more theoretical pitches.

The company is having a breakout year. It’s part of the 9-month ClimAccelerator startup program and also has a partnership with remove, the premier European accelerator focused on carbon removal.

Nellie’s team will also be hosting a small, in-person “ask me anything” session at Wales Climate Week 2023 on the 8th of December and you can find all the details about that AMA on Nellie’s website.

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