NEC And SINAI Technologies Announce Growing Decarbonization Partnership

NEC And SINAI Technologies Announce Deepening Decarbonization Partnership - Carbon Herald

NEC Corporation and SINAI Technologies lnc. announced last week that the two companies will expand their collaboration and offer a combined decarbonization solution to indutrial clients.

NEC’s GreenGlobeX environmental performance management solution is set to complement SINAI’s decarbonization intelligence platform for reducing CO2 emissions with NEC providing know-how in collecting and aggregating environmental data, with SINAI’s expertise in measuring and reporting Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, as well as providing future CO2 emissions forecasts, formulating scenarios for low-carbon emissions, carbon pricing, and value chain management.

The development is a logical step after NEC established a corporate venture capital fund called NEC Orchestrating Future Fund (NOFF) in December 2021, focused on social value creation through an ecosystem of investments in startups.

Three months ago, NOFF invested in SINAI and now with this deeper partnership the pair of companies will be able to support a wider range of clients who want to decarbonize their activities through a data-first approach that can propose viable reduction in CO2 emissions.

NEC’s carbon management business is set to be combined with SINAI’s emission visualization and reduction platform for different industries, with the goal of creating an ecosystem for clients that want  

The profile of the targeted industries can be extrapolated from an interview with Carbon Herald in September, 2022 SINAI Founder and CEO Maria Fujihara shared that “Our target company would have over $100 million in revenue and has physical assets.”

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Kazuhiko Shiraishi, Senior Vice President, Public Solutions Business Unit, City Infrastructure Solution Division, NEC, said, “As part of this collaboration with SINAI … we will be able to provide not only visualization of CO2 emissions, but also a broad range of solutions, from predicting future emissions to proposing specific methods of reducing emissions.”

Commenting on the new partnership Maria Fujihara, said, “As a partner, NEC shares our goal of reversing climate change, their team adds a high level of expertise, and they bring an innovative approach to the use of technology. Together, we can make a bigger impact, both in Japan and around the world.”

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