NCP Industries And Carbon Limit Make Commercial CCS Concrete Line

NCP Industries And Carbon Limit Make Commercial CCS Concrete Line - Carbon Herald

NCP Industries and Carbon Limit are officially launching their first commercial CCS concrete line, bringing the innovative CaptureCrete™ technology to all levels of the building industry.

The two companies joined forces in a licensing partnership, which will serve to expand the market reach of Carbon Limit’s cutting-edge decarbonization technology CaptureCrete™ via concrete manufacturer NCP Industries, who will introduce new eco-friendly products to clients.

CaptureCrete™ is a concrete additive that has the ability to permanently capture CO2 emissions, providing a sustainable solution for the cement and concrete manufacturing industries.

The trailblazing mechanism has received financial support from the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, both major global users of concrete, indicating the pressing demand for this kind of solution.

Manufacturers will now be able to license the formula for the carbon-capturing additive and create it on-site so it can be incorporated into any precast or ready-mix concrete. This makes the technology suitable for construction of all scales, from individual homes to large infrastructure.

The use of CaptureCrete™ in concrete also results in the generation of carbon credits. These credits are verified by Bureau Veritas according to Covalent’s Certification Standard, guaranteeing their legitimacy and reliability, and can be purchased on Carbon Limit’s website.

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The partnership between the two companies resulted in the eCO2LUXE line of products, which was unveiled at the 2023 Deck Expo in Las Vegas. Founded on CaptureCrete™ technology, this innovative line is designed to transform exterior surfaces into powerful carbon capture systems, aiming to actively neutralize the carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructure.

The inaugural product of the eCO2LUXE line is the ADORN® Stone Premier Series, which not only offers a visually appealing exterior stone profile but also captures CO2 directly from the air.

By putting this technology directly into the hands of manufacturers, NCP Industries and Carbon Limit are taking a significant step towards making the concrete industry more environmentally friendly and reducing its carbon footprint.

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