NAVTOR Unveils Latest Innovation: NavFleet Emissions Simulator

NAVTOR Unveils Latest Innovation: NavFleet Emissions Simulator - Carbon Herald

NAVTOR, an e-Navigation and performance technology provider to the maritime industry, has announced the latest release of its ship operations platform, introducing the advanced NavFleet Emissions Simulator, designed to assist shipping companies in predicting and optimizing environmental impact and performance across entire fleets.

The innovative simulator provides operational insights based on high-quality, dual-validated data, allowing for more accurate predictions and optimization strategies.

As stated by NAVTOR, the simulator is designed to be user-friendly and intelligent, utilizing a wide range of data sources, including vessel noon reports, integrated e-Navigation, and performance data. 

After being validated by computers, the gathered data is analyzed by experts at NAVTOR to assess the historical emissions of vessels and fleets and create models for predicting future emissions. 

This tool provides shipowners and operators with the ability to monitor and forecast their vessels’ emissions accurately, enabling them to make informed choices to minimize their environmental footprint. 

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NAVTOR stated that it is easy to modify parameters and compare individual vessels in order to obtain in-depth knowledge about the performance of assets. This will also give an understanding of the expected ratings over the next few years, considering the ever-changing nature of carbon intensity indicator mechanisms.

In addition to the NavFleet Emissions Simulator, the updated software boasts a range of further improvements. These include automated UK MRV reporting, a new emissions dashboard, vessel emission comparison views, instantly available PDF reports, early bad weather notifications, and speed-based route monitoring.

The launch of NavFleet 1.8 aligns with the consolidation of NAVTOR and Voyager Worldwide. The joint operation now offers its products and services to approximately 18,000 ships in the global maritime industry, according to NAVTOR.

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The next update of the operational platform, which is currently being worked on, will include a tool for estimating voyage emissions, providing detailed information about individual journeys, as well as a feature that is tailored to the commercial aspects of the EU Emission Trading System in the form of EU Allowance Statements.

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