Navigator CO2 Files For Eminent Domain And Carbon Pipeline Permit In Iowa

Navigator CO2 Files For Eminent Domain And Carbon Pipeline Permit In Iowa - Carbon Herald
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Navigator CO2 announced that it has filed for eminent domain a permit in Iowa for its carbon capture pipeline project.

The proposed pipeline is set to span a total of 1300 miles across five US states: Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois and Iowa.

And more than 60% of its length are to pass through Iowa (810 miles), making the decision of state regulators to grant the company eminent domain and permit for its project of the utmost importance.

The use of eminent domain would enable Navigator CO2 to forcefully buy easement rights from unwilling landowners.

The project title Heartland Greenway is one of three carbon capture pipeline projects that are still seeking to obtain permits, among which are pipeline operators Wolf Carbon Solutions and Summit Carbon Solutions.

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All projects aim to transport the CO2 emissions from ethanol and fertilizer plants in Iowa to permanent underground storage sites, which is said to boost the ethanol sector and make it more competitive in the wake of the green transition.

However, concerns among environmental groups and activists remain regarding the risks of such projects for the environment and residents in the event of ruptures and leaks.

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