Navigator CO2 Cancels Its Carbon Pipeline Project

Navigator CO2 Cancels Its Carbon Pipeline Project - Carbon Herald

In a brief statement earlier today Navigator CO2 has announced that it won’t be proceeding with the development of its pipeline project. Citing the unpredictability of regulations in South Dakota and Iowa, the company has decided to cancel the 1,300-mile, $3 billion project.

Matt Vining, CEO of Navigator CO2 said, “As good stewards of capital and responsible managers of people, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Heartland Greenway project. We are disappointed that we will not be able to provide services to our customers and thank them for their continued support.”

Image: Navigator CO2

Back in September South Dakota’s Public Utilities Commission denied a permit for the construction of the pipeline, saying the proposed route was not in line with county requirements.

Navigator then asked state utility regulators in Iowa to suspend its permit process while it awaited a decision from Illinois regulators. Less than two weeks ago, it asked to pull its permit application in Illinois.

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Yesterday Summit Carbon Solutions, the company behind a 2000-mile carbon pipeline in the same region, revealed that it will be postopining its development until 2026. Summit has had success in Iowa but faced opposition in both North and South Dakota with the final decision on its application in the latter set for November 15th.

Asked for a response to Navigator’s statement, Summit commented for the Iowa Capital Dispatch by saying it “welcomes and is well-positioned to add additional plants and communities to our project footprint.”

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